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Chocolate, honey, almond, dried fruits

Finca Santa Ana

Conguaco, Jutiapa




Acidity: Bright, apple, orange, grapefruit. Aroma: Candy, Chocolate. Body: Prolonged, creamy, juicy. Aftertaste: persistent and prolonged. Taste: Tangerine, lime, dried fruits, grapefruit, orange, chocolate.

Santa Ana is located like the Bonete located on the northeast face of the Moyuta Volcano. With approximately plants dating back more than 30 years, the Yellow Catuai is one of the varieties that shines the most. Its clay soil and moderate presence of rocks allow the plants to develop with greater freedom, thus generating unique and extraordinary notes produced on this farm.

HARVEST SEASON              2020/21

STATUS                                  Available

SUBREGION                          New Oriente

PROCESSING                        Washed

BAG TYPE                              Polypropylene

TYPE OF SHADE                  Gravilea

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