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Finca San Gerardo

Moyuta, Jutiapa



Aroma of Chocolate, honey, and nuts. Notes of caramel, panela, peach and lemon. Long aftertaste. Well balanced.

Located next to the crater of the inactive Volcano of Moyuta, it is one of the oldest farms in the family's possession. From the road you must walk 30 minutes to get to the property. Initially, traditional varieties such as Catuai, Caturra and Bourbon were cultivated. During the last years, the Geisha variety was gradually introduced. The seed of this variety has a lineage from farms located in Boquete in Panama.

HARVEST SEASON              2020/21

STATUS                                  Available

SUBREGION                          New Oriente

PROCESSING                        Washed

BAG TYPE                              Polypropylene

TYPE OF SHADE                  Gravilea

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