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Chocolate, honey, almond, dried fruits

Finca El Bonete

Conguaco, Jutiapa



Caramel, milk chocolate, hazelnut is hard to miss. This cup has a sweet lingering finish with hints of hazelnut. Body: Well Balanced. Aftertaste: persistent and prolonged.


Located on the northeast face of the Moyuta Volcano, El Bonete is located on a secondary hill with the same name as the farm. Overlooking the sea, it is one of the properties that most receives the breeze from the Pacific ocean, thus creating a unique and peculiar microclimate for growing coffee.

HARVEST SEASON              2020/21

STATUS                                  Available

SUBREGION                          New Oriente

PROCESSING                        Washed

BAG TYPE                              Polypropylene

TYPE OF SHADE                  Gravilea

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